2 Online Tool to create great Youtube thumbnails

Updated: 09 September

Being Youtuber, creating a cool video thumbnails is necessary. It will drive more traffic even your video is not interesting at all. Back then to create a good thumbnail, we use image editing software like photoshop, Gimp etc, and using one of those app requires skill.

But now you don't have to know even own those software to create a cool thumbnail for your videos. You can use online application, and the more good news is some of them are free. Yes free.

There are two popular online service app to create your YouTube video thumbnail for free, Canva and Picmaker. There are actually more but since I have never used them then I'm not going to mention them here. Canva and Picmaker for me are too similar, from their layout to their functionality.

Canva or Picmaker not only use to create thumbnails, but they also can be used to create banner, instagram image, facebook image, youtube channel art. In the other word, these two apps are complete for blogger, youtuber or anyone who wants to create cool images. You don't need to have editing skill like when you use Photoshop. All you need to do is choosing any template and then start creating.

Which one is better Canva or Picmaker?

Some friends of mine say that Picmaker is better than Canva but for me they are equal even I now use Picmaker instead of Canva. Here is a youtube video thumbnail sample made in Picmaker.

Youtube thumbnails

How is it? cool right? Let's create a click-worthy YouTube thumbnail with those free tools.

Here more advantages using these free online apps

  1. They are free
  2. A lot of cool templates
  3. Cool fonts
  4. Simple layout
  5. You don't need editing skill to use them
  6. Easy to use
  7. And many more

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