5 places to promote your Youtube channel

Updated: 18 September

Being Youtuber will have no meaning if you don't have subscribers.  That is why you need to work more not only by providing a worthy to watch videos but also by promoting your channel as much you can do.

There same easy ways to promote your channel. Most of them are free and absolutely work. The next thing you need is your will to grow your channel subscribes. Here are some 5 ways you can do to grow your subscriber.

1. Youtube

You can grow your channel subscriber by creating a featuring video with another youtuber. Using this way you may get subscriber from the one you are featuring with channel's subscriber and vice versa. In another words, this is a win-win trick for you.

2. Twitter

You can promote your channel on your twitter and earn subscribers. Just post some of your cool videos on it by using twitter sharing button directly from youtube or by uploading your videos manually and don't forget to put you channel link or channel name. Just don't beg to your follower to sub you, most of people feel annoying by that.

3. Facebook

Just like twitter, upload your videos or promote your channel directly to facebook or to facebook group. Unlike the others social media platform,  facebook has the most active user ever. According to statista, on April facebook has almost 2.5 million user. Just imagine, if your cool video becomes viral on facebook, many facebook users will try to find your channel and subscribe to it. And if you don't mind to spend money, you can use facebook ads. Try it, It really works.

4. Instagram

Another social media that you can use to promote your channel is instagram. From my observation to some youtuber's instagrams, most of them will post like 10 second of their youtube videos and providing a link to their full length ones on youtube. Using this trick will drive your instagram followers to your youtube page. If they like it they may subscribe. Don't forget to put your channel link on instagram's description.

5. Tik Tok

Tik tok is not only popular among the teens. But even the old ones. This Chinese creative video platform will surely get you subscribers. On Tik tok, you can easily get a lot of follower by creating a short funny or silly videos. The much followers you get, you can get many youtube subscribers. So how to do that? just put your channel link on tik tok description, when your followers see it they might click it.

That's all guys, Just try this 5 media socials. Promote your youtube channel there. But make sure you make cool videos first.

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