Free Public Domain musics for your Youtube videos

Updated: 20 April

One of the important part of your videos to make them more interesting to watch is by adding musics to them.

To do that, you can add your own music, or music you buy online or music that available for free on internet. Free musics sometimes called public domain musics. They are totally free and you don't have to add credit to those music maker. All of those music fall under Creative Commons 0 license.

So where you can find a public domain music for your YouTube video projects? There are lots of sites that provide you that kind of music and one of my favorite is

On FreePD, there are a lot of musics you can download. And of course  for free. You can also choose the music genre/category you want to download. There are 9 music category available there, upbeat positive, epic dramatic, horror, romantic sentimental, comedy, world, scoring, electronic, and misc.

If you want to download musics there, there are three options available for you. The first one is 0$ method which is mean you can download any mp3 files there without paying any money. Using this method you have to download all music one by one.

The second option is the $10 method. Using this one you need to pay $10 to download the file of music that the site has prepared. The file is a zip file and inside it the are more than 800 mp3s. The file size is around 5GB and it might take a few minutes to download. Using this methode will cost you no time to surf the site.

The third option is the $25 method. Using this oiption, you will get lots of high quality wav files, high quality mp3 files with hundreds of bonus pieces and of curse with creative commons 0 license. The zip file according to their site is at least 9GB.

So now you know one site where to download free music for your Youtube videos. You can choose the free option one or the paid option ones. If you choose the paid one, you will help and support the site and the artist.

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