[PDF] 2020 Calendar with international hollidays

Updated: 20 April

We are already in 2020 and this year feels quite special with very interesting figures, 2020. Not only a beautiful year, I am sure you also have a beautiful resolution for this year and I hope that all of your resolutions can be fulfilled.

We are already in February. a month have been passed, so how do you think this year so far? What interesting things have you done this year? or maybe there is your resolution that has been fulfilled?

Do you already know special dates like international holiday celebrations for this year ?. Maybe not yet. So it's quite important for you to know the dates of special celebrations this year. So later you will not miss the information and can even prepare yourself early if you want to join in celebrating this special day.

So this time I want to share the 2020 calendar in pdf format that you can download for free.

On this calendar it is equipped with special dates such as the celebration of major holidays such as Valentine's Day, Saint Patrick's Day, Christian and Islamic religious days and so on. Interestingly, this calendar is equipped with a kind of reminder. Anyway, this calendar is very useful.

Here is the sample:

[PDF] 2020 Calendar with international hollidays
Foto: Dokumen Pribadi

If you want to have this 2020 calendar, all you have to do is download the file through the link that I have provided below then print it and paste it on the wall of your room. I hope this file is useful and have a nice day.

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